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Photo Requirements

Please note that the same photograph will be used for your student ID. You will be required to bring the exact same paper photo to the admissions office upon arrival. 

Technical Notes:

• Photos should be of good quality (clear, with correct brightness, contrast and color).
• The background should be smooth and vivid and the outline of the head should be clearly visible. It is unacceptable to see the shadow of the person being photographed in the background or other distracting details.
• Colors should be natural, non-color photographs (black and white, sepia) are unacceptable.
• A 400 x 500 pixel JPG image is preferred, allowing you to print a 2 cm * 2.5 cm image with the right quality. Larger images that meet the above proportions (4: 5) are also accepted.

Your profile picture CANNOT be:

  • Together with a friend
  • Taken on a party
  • With a pet
  • Older than 6 months
  • With face paint
  • With Sunglasses, baseball caps or other items which would hinder indetification


Good examples:


Bad examples: